Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Guide Part #6: The Chubby Toddler Who Laughs at All Your Jokes (Even the Dumb Ones) And Never Refuses a Cheerio.

Finger puppets that you'll enjoy playing with, too. $16 each.
A rainbow machine for their bedroom! $20.
Hand-painted dog bike bell, $24.
Japanese egg molds to liven up breakfast, $3.89 for set of two.
A dedicated sound machine with wooshes, splats, bangs and honks to blow his baby mind, $18. (We already ordered this:)
Don't Break the Ice, $14.16. I loved this game when I was little, didn't you?
Mabo elf knot hat, $20, Toby's favorite hat of all time.
A holiday sweater or dress from Thumbeline, the cutest store. (How funny are these?)
Baby animal print, $25.
Ninja cookie cutters, $20.
The rollicking Loud Book to make them laugh...
...and The Quiet Book to slow things down before bedtime, $10 each.
Gravity-defying Hot Wheels wall tracks, $109 for the complete set. (Bonus: Would be great for small apartments!)
Giant play castle that you color yourself, $58.
A good old-fashioned Whoopee cushion, $2.49.
Anything Elmo-related, for obvious reasons.

P.S. More gift ideas for babies and kids, and the rest of my 2011 gift guide...

(Rainbow maker via Abbey; sound machine via Momfilter)

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