Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainboots for everyday adventures (and traveling)

Two weeks ago, we talked about the five best shoes for traveling. But! A few readers pointed out that Hunter boots are tough squeeze into a suitcase (true). Happily, I was able to find two easy-to-wear-pack boots, which I love...
Loeffler Randall makes the chicest rain boots. (I always spot gorgeous women wearing these around downtown Manhattan.) The bonus is, they look like cool booties even when it's not raining. So you don't have to switch your shoes when you get to dinner or work. They're a splurge, but you could keep them your whole life! I'm saving my pennies for these:)
Redfoot makes foldable rain boots! How genius is that?! You could just pop them in your suitcase. They're lightweight and waterproof, and have a fleece lining for warmth.

Which would you choose? Which suits your personality best? xoxo

Happy birthday, Lucy!

Happy birthday to my twin sister Lucy, who's coming to visit this weekend! You have been the best to grow up with.

P.S. For her birthday, I got her this new book. Did you ever read this magical book growing up?! It was the inspiration.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Under the weather

This weekend Toby and I came down with a 24-hour flu of some sort, and it was not pretty. I could barely move or speak and at one point actually thought I might be dying. Poor Alex spent the weekend tending to us, and instead of the romantic candlelit birthday dinner he had planned, he made me dry toast and read my book out loud until I fell asleep (which was romantic in its own way:)

The happy news is that...we survived! Anyway, still recouping, and I'll see you guys tomorrow. xoxo Hope you're all feeling well.

Black Rumble favorite fashion style of celebrities at the SAG Awards Red Carpet

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards held in Los Angeles on Sunday (29 / 1) night is no less prestigious awards from the Oscars or Golden Globes for film and television man in Hollywood. But after a fascinating look at the Golden Globes some time ago, many of which seem to lose the idea of ​​celebrity and wear boring black dress to the SAG Awards.

Black dress is usually never wrong. But not so in reality when a number of Hollywood celebrities chose a black dress to attend the SAG Awards. There are graceful and beautiful, there is also a visible mess. Who are they? Check out the photos later.

Actress Glee, Jayma Mays including one that managed to pick a black dress elegant sparkling .

MELISSA Rauch, also from The Big Bang Theory, adding accents of cobalt blue ribbon at the waist, making her black dress look more attractive

ANGELINA JOLIE nyaris tak pernah salah dalam berbusana. Potongan gaunnya jatuh dengan pas di tubuhnya.

Stacy Keibler, Love the new George Clooney, looks elegant in a black brocade gown.

Who would not want to have a slim body, MARIA MENOUNOS seem to want to show off beautiful body, but in the wrong way wearing a dress too small.

Accents in the chest JANE KRAKOWSKI dress is supposed to make this dress look more attractive. How do you think, We still do not like.

Tina Fey is no longer a simple look, with a touch of metallic in the chest to make a black dress

EMMA STONE Although cute face, does not seem to need to wear a dress that looks like children's clothing.

Ashlee Simpson looks saggy addition, her black dress also looks strange chaotic due to obscene materials on the chest

MAYIM BIALIK from The Big Bang Theory-cut black dress shirt choose a simple nan. Maybe too simple.

HEATHER MORRIS, I do not know what's in the thought when choosing a dress. Odd pieces, and tail of her dress looks very forced.

Veteran actress Glenn Close looks elegant with a mermaid tail dress. But we do not like the material and cut the sleeves

Star of Glee, Amber Riley will probably look better without the giant ribbon on his chest

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Celebrity Choosing The Right Mascara

Choosing The Right Mascara

Mascara is one of the favorite types of make-up Celebrity woman who can be used both for casual events and parties. Almost all the celebrity world never leaves the house without mascara. Application of mascara on the eyelashes can make eyes look more attractive if only by a thin makeup. To get the most out of makeup, consider this:

Taylor Swift Choosing The Right Mascara

Type of eyelashes

Identify the type of your lashes. There are different types of mascara are designed for different types of eyelashes needs. Learn well your eyelashes; thick, thin, long, or short. When thin, select the two layers of mascara that comes with the outward appearance to thicken eyelashes. Usually this type of mascara consists of two sides. Side to side to the outward appearance of mascara and mascara base. Apply first coat of mascara base that will make your lashes look thicker. Once dry apply the mascara to affirm a new color.

Kim Kardashian Choosing Crazy makeup The Right Mascara

If your lashes thick and long, choose mascara with a brush shaped like a comb. Brush like this can make your eyelashes do not stick to each other at the time of applying mascara. As for the short ciliated, select a hair brush and mascara with a formula that could give the impression of more length.

Claire Danes Choosing The Right Mascara


Generally adapted to color hair color mascara. For day-to-day, black or dark brown color can be used according to skin color and hair. If there is a special event and would like experimenting with colored mascara, do not hesitate. Adjust the color of majeup and mascara with theme party theme to create different looks. For those who still doubt, wear black or brown mascara, and then just brush the edges with colored mascara.

Ashley Greene Choosing The Right Mascara

Mascara can also be used for nodes that have a long and thick eyelashes. This mascara gives only little effect confirmation of the eyelashes. Be sure to use pelentik lashes before using mascara nodes.

Rihanna Wearing Blue Choosing The Right Mascara


In addition to the function of reinforcing or extending eyelashes, mascara usually also usually equipped with extras such as waterproof formula or an anti glob. Water resistant or waterproof formulas are generally not recommended for everyday use because it can make lashes more dry.

Sandra Bullock Choosing The Right Mascara

Use a waterproof mascara if you will attend a party, in a state of frequent rain, will play with the water or go to an event that makes it easy to sweat. Be careful when cleaning the rest of waterproof mascara. The formula that makes lashes stiff can make your eyelashes brittle or fall out when cleaning.

Demi Lovato Choosing The Right Mascara Green Eye Makeup

Many top brands have now completed an anti glob of mascara with a formula. Often the perfect makeup looks disturbing because there are clumps of mascara on the lashes. If possible select a mascara formula that is equipped with an anti glob or anti-clump that is more perfect makeup.

Jenifer Aniston Choosing The Right Mascara


1. Replace mascara after 3-6 months even though the situation is still quite good.
2. To avoid disease, try not to exchange or borrow from each other mascara.

3. Use pelentik lashes before using mascara for maximum results. Using pelentik after applying the mascara could make eyelashes at risk of fracture and brittle.trendy hair style even for formal events.

Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

While we were on the move who need high mobility, long-haired Celebrity woman usually her hair to make it more practical. Knots was done sober, with random, even without a comb. But random horses who would have thought this could be a Celebrity trendy hair style even for formal events.

Anne Hathaway Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

Kim Kardashian Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

Camilla Belle Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

Sandra Bullock Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

Eva Mendes Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow Beautiful Celebrity with Horse Tail

Soundness Have Small Breasts

What woman does not want to have a shape and size of beautiful breasts? No one. Until now, there are many women who like jealous of other women breast forms that look more plump and contained.

However, for those of you who have small breast size, do not grieve. It turned out that breast size affects your health.

According to the study, women who have small breasts have a small risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to women with large breasts.

Researchers from Harvard University in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada conducted a survey of 92. 106 women and found those who wear a bra cup size D or larger at the age of 20 years, have a risk up to three times higher risk of type 2 diabetes preposition with women who wear a bra cup size A.

Professor Joel Ray believes that this relationship is related to how breast growth during puberty (adolescence).

"Puberitas is a period characterized by increased insulin resistance, a condition where the body is unable to properly absorb glucose which causes high blood sugar levels, leading to type 2 diabetes," he explained

How to Use the Right Bra

Selection of the right bra size not only support and maintain the shape, size and texture of breast beauty, but also affects the health of your body.

According to a survey, two thirds of women had experienced five times the change in bra size over their lifetime, as a form of weight changes up and down.

This is why the importance for women to always measure the bust size and cup size when buying a bra. Even more so now, many women buy bras just because the model and color only.

Niken Lucia, Marketing Manager Sorella, who met at a press conference Sorella 'Right Support' (7 / 1) explains that women should never be embarrassed or uncomfortable when measuring bra size to get a bra that fits. Even the women also do not hesitate if you have to menyobanya first.

"Many women, who buy a bra with one size. While wearing the same brand but different model, it could be a different size. Always check the size of the bra to try it when going to buy it," said Lucia.

Not just a bra size less attention, how to wear a bra properly is often overlooked by women. How to use the wrong bra turned out to affect the shape of the breast itself. That is important, women should know how to use a bra properly.

"Installing a good bra is the hunched body and put the breast into the bra cup, then set the hook and rope. When finished, lift both arms up and check whether both breasts you've entered into with the perfect cup. If you do not tertopang perfectly, could so the selection of bra you're wrong, and the risk of irritation, "said Lucia.

The way the course can be applied to the breast with any size, provided always use a bra that fit the size of your breasts. Do not loose because it can be saggy breasts, and nor too tight, because it can be irritating.

After learning how to use the correct bra, Lucia confirmed that the way the bra is also greatly affect leaching. And most importantly for women, to wash their own underwear, including bras, so as not to lose its shape.

"Soak the bra into soapy water (if possible, use liquid detergent) a little while. After that, the pat and immediately hung with clothes hangers. Remember do in squeeze and bend, as it will change its shape," he added.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a great weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? My birthday is coming up soon (eeks!) so we're having a cozy dinner at home on Saturday. I'm also getting a haircut today, and can't wait to get my hair washed. (I always half fall asleep:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

A cabin in Brooklyn!

Lace earrings.

Humblebrag is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

How to create a smoky eye in 2 steps.

For when you're really, really hungry...

Homemade Skor bars.

NYC door knockers.

What a cute book--and reassuring!

Jenny is revealing her DIYs for our bedroom makeover. (She's a genius.)

Would love to try this restaurant.

Photo pillows.

How to throw yourself a pity party.

Now that's a tattoo.

Movies in a different era.

(Photo by Sharon Montrose)

Sh*t Liz Lemon Says

This video made me laugh out loud.

(My only question is, what about "nerds!")

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four things to say to a friend after a bad breakup

After graduating from college, I went through a rough breakup...
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What's your favorite (and sexiest) body part?

My friend L. and I were recently hanging out, when our conversation turned to dating and sex. "I feel amazing as soon as I take off my shirt," she admitted. "My breasts are my showpiece." It made me laugh; her confidence was inspiring.

I'm pale as a ghost and flat as a board, but I have to say, I really like my freckles, especially the Big Dipper constellation on my right thigh :) What do you love about your body? Your hair? Your eyes? Your legs?

(Photo from Victoria's Secret)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday giveaway!

Today's giveaway is from Sakura Bloom, a sling company founded by a mother of two in Massachusetts. She crafts baby slings using all natural fibers: linen and silk. Slings are surprisingly easy to use, and your baby nestles cozily up against your heartbeat. I'm a huge fan of them, and Toby loves cuddling up in ours; they're a lifesaver if you have a fussy baby or want your little one to nap while you're on the go. And slings look beautiful, too--my friend even wore hers to a wedding!

Today, Sakura Bloom is offering one lucky reader a $200 gift certificate to choose her favorite sling. Aren't they lovely? Which would you pick?

For a chance to win, please visit Sakura Bloom, and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Miki is our winner. Thanks for playing.
(Top photos from our England summer vacation)