Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Guide Part #4: Your Adventurous Younger Brother Who Planted Flowers on His Fire Escape and Taught Your Toddler How to Wink.

Rad cycling print, $20. (More sports here.)
Stuffed hamburger press, because it's slightly awesomer than it is gross. $12.95.
Manly lodge moccasins, for padding around the house, $49.50. (I have the girl's version and love them.)
A soap dish to inspire him every morning, $20.
Japanese bottle openers, $40 to $60, to impress beautiful women all his life.
High Falls class! No joke, this NYC class "preps students for the biggest adrenaline rush of their lives." After practicing on trampolines, students climb up a ladder to a platform and jump into an airbag below. Yikes!!! $75. (P.S. Course Horse is a rad website of NYC classes, including Microexpressions, Dancing and Sausages.)
Glow-in-the-dark frisbee, bocce ball, cornhole, etc. $9.40 to $75.
Saturdays tee, since it's his favorite day of the week, $40.
Laguiole pocket knife from France, $49.
GoPro HD Hero, a wearable digital camera, so he can film (in high def) his point-of-view while he mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, rides motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards or anything else that would make your mom freak out. Camera, $199; chest mount, $39.
Balloon animals kit, because he's an uncle now. $16.
And, always and forever, the Icelandic beard cap, $104.

P.S. More gifts for brothers, and my favorite video of my brother...

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