Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's sale time....

Last week I realised to my delight that it was summer sale time....hurrah.

Admittedly it does feel slightly odd given that we haven't had a summer but never the less I decided to get my sale hat on and see what was out there.

I ended up (as I always do) in Mango as I love the way the clothes fit but sadly don't like their prices as I am trying to keep to a budget.

However it soon became apparent that the Gods of shopping had heard my plight for new clothes on a tight budget and persuaded Mango to slash all their prices....AMAZING.

So....I bought three amazing looking and amazingly cheap dresses...sadly they are no longer on the website but they look a bit like these D&G ones but without the hefty price tag.....

....just beautiful. And perfect for the summer....whether it is lunch in the sun or dancing in a random bar after drinking all day (me on Friday).

For those who are wondering how the diet is going over the weekend I ate and drank the following.....posh three course lunch including champagne and wine, ten mojitos, a curry, chicken nuggets and chips, eight alcopops (at a festival so couldn't be helped), pizza and a huge Italian meal with garlic bread....I AM DISGUSTING....but am positive that I can detox my body into submission in the next two weeks!!

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