Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cycling in a Spaceship....the true tale of what happened to me yesterday....

So it seems that I may talk a bit too much about my lard arse and tree trunk legs on here as yesterday I got a call from the lovely people at Hypoxizone asking me if I wanted a trial on one of their machines.

For those of you who don't know (...and this included me) Hypoxizone is basically a bike situated in a vacuum which you cycle on for thirty minutes and apparently loose a gazillion inches from your legs and bum...BLOODY AMAZING.

I practically skipped to the studio imagining myself running down the beaches of Ibiza with my gazelle like legs getting admiring glances from the men and jealous ones from the ladies.

When I got there the science behind it all was explained to me and now I will try and remember it....!!

Basically it seems that when we try and loose weight blood has to travel through the fat and for some reason on us ladies the fat tends to go from our chest area first. This is a true fact....I diet for ages and all I end up with is a smaller bra size....but I digress. The machine uses a vacuum to target the stubborn fat areas on you bum and legs so you loose the weight from there rather than anywhere else.

After the explanation was done I was strapped into a rubber tutu (at this point I am standing in the middle of the gym surrounded by body builders....!!) and then told to get on the bike. Once on the vacuum machine or 'spaceship' is enclosed around you and attached to the rubber tutu and then you cycle.

I was told that my heart rate should be above 115 and below 130...keeping it in this area alone took effort as I am seriously unfit so was either not pedaling hard enough or pedalling hard but with a ridiculous heart rate.

To be honest the thirty minutes went really quick and there are magazines around to read and the instructors are lovely. Once I had been unharnessed I felt hot but not like I had done a work out and sadly my legs looked exactly the same.

However I spoke to a lovely lady who has just done a course of 12 and she said that the treatment works amazingly well and she has lost tons of inches so maybe the spaceship is the way to get the body of a goddess after all!!

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