Friday, March 23, 2012

Mad Men love

Who's psyched for Sunday?!! Will you be watching? Above is a hilarious video montage of Don Draper saying "What" and being awesome. (Watch it, you'll laugh out loud.)

Plus, a few posts to get you in the mood:
* Cool behind-the-scenes photos.
* Mad Men for kids.
* A guide to (the many) Mad Men romances.
* Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss chat about the Don/Peggy dynamic.
* Don Draper disapproves.
* How to drink like a Mad Man.
* An interview with Mad Men's "prop master."
* Three Mad Men cocktails.
* The ultimate Mad Men playlist.
* A Jon Hamm interview with Playboy (because we really do read Playboy for the articles:)

(Thanks to Shoko for scouting help)

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