Friday, March 9, 2012

Do or don't: Vests

Vests used to confuse me. When would you wear one? I wondered. If it's cold, you want sleeves. If it's hot, you'll just wear your T-shirt. Although they looked cute, vests seemed random and unnecessary.
Until Alex got one. Now I totally get it.
Here's the funny magic of vests: Do you sleep cuddled under the covers, but always stick one leg out? Or keep the window open so your nose gets cold? So it feels both cozy and refreshing? That's what a vest feels like!!!

It's perfect for spring and fall days, or cool summer evenings. Tomboyish and laid-back. I love it. The vest we have is sold out, but this Barbour vest is similar; and also this Belstaff one is super chic. Have you ever worn a vest?
(My jeans are Emerson Fry and boots are Loeffler Randall)

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